Tournament 1.500 DPTs Airdrop

Tournament 1.500 DPTs  Airdrop
Game DotA 2
Slots 0 / 16
Mode 5on5
Prize 1.500 DPTs
Join At 2018-03-09 12:00 (1 week ago)
Check In At 2018-03-11 11:30 (6 days ago)
Start At 2018-03-11 12:00 (6 days ago)

Prize distribution

  • 1st - 1.000 DPTs
  • 2nd - 500 DPTs


Quick Rules

  • Min team to start: 4
  • Server: Luxembourg
  • Mode: Captains Mode
  • Side & Picks: The team on the left (top bracket) side chooses the side, the other (bottom bracket) the drafting order.
  • Game: BO1 & BO3 FINAL





Name Checked In

1. Requirements to Enter

  • D-PLAY Account - All participants must have a personal, accessible D-PLAY account and DPT's WALLET ( for deposit your DPLAY Tokens )
  • D-PLAY Team - The captain must create the team on our website and add all the members using team link and password.
  • Steam Account - All the players are expected to use their primary Steam account when playing. Please complete your profiles with steam url.
  • Behavior - All competitors are expected to show sportsmanship and respect towards every participant.

2.Setting Up The Match

  • Who Creates The Lobby? - The team on the top side of the bracket hosts the lobby.
  • What Are The Lobby Settings?
    • Server: Luxembourg
    • Mode: Captains Mode
    • The team on the left side chooses the side, the other the drafting order


  • When should the match be set up? - The match should proceed as soon as both competing teams are shown in the bracket. You do not have to wait for earlier rounds of the tournament to finish, just start your match as soon as you have an opponent.
  • How to contact the other team / player ? - When the tournament begins, go to the registered teams list where you can find all the teams and all their members, there you can PM any member of the opposing team or simply use the "PM Captain" button.
  • What if the other team / opponent doesn’t show up? - If a team / opponent does not have five / one registered players that are ready to play within 15 minutes of their match being posted, this is called a no show. Whenever this is the case please send the report using the "REPORT SCORE" on the matches tab.