What is DPLAY Token

written by khalifaone in DPLAY TOKEN

DPLAY Token ( DPT ) is an ERC20 Token ( Ethereum token )

Ethereum tokens are simple digital assets that are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. They benefit from Ethereum’s existing infrastructure instead of developers having to build an entirely new blockchain. They also strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem by driving demand for ether, the native currency of Ethereum, needed to power the smart contracts.

Our team will start organizing esports events for our players and winners will earn prizes in DPTs.

At this moment DPLAY Token is at PRE-ICO stage, after this stage will be in PRE-SALE ICO, at this stage some people will buy this token( DPT ) like an investment in our DPLAY Project some people will earn this token ( DPT ) for winning tournaments of Dota2, PUBG, CS:GO or League of legends.

Starting price for DPLAY Token will be $0.04 at final stage SALE will be $0.1.
After the final stage all tokens can be withdrawn to MyEtherWallet or an Exchange platform like HitBTC, Poloniex, KuCoin and exchanged to Bitcoin, Ethereum or Altcoins.

For more information about DPLAY Token please visit our ICO Page: http://d-play.ro/ico/

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